Lucia - First kannada movie

ಯಾಮಿನಿ ಜೋಯಿಸ್ 

The first Kannada movie I watched was “Lucia” by Pawan Kumar.

This movie is about a young man by name Nikki. Nikki is an insomniac who just can’t fall asleep at night. One night, he meets a drug dealer and starts taking a drug called “Lucia” which was supposed to help him fall asleep. After taking the drug, Nikki starts seeing lucid dreams and starts dreaming of himself as a famous movie star, Nikhil. 

As the story progresses, the audience will begin to be confused between two characters. Who is living the reality? and who is in the dream? It is left to the audience’s ingenuity. It is for them to figure out what is reality and what is dream.

This movie combined many elements together; comedy, mystery, romance and some thriller. I enjoyed this movie very much because not only was it very funny, but the plot kept me guessing throughout. Finally, message from the movie is that “Everyone wants to be someone else”. Nikki wishes to be the famous movie star whereas the movie star wants to live a simple life like Nikki. 

To be honest, I was quite confused in the middle. But by the end, when I understood it completely,  I had to say, “Ohhhhhh!”.  Please do watch this movie when you have chance, it is an unique experience.


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